Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 25 Summary

I call this episode as Kim Tak Gu’s breakthrough. What a life he had…from a poor village boy then became a homeless teenager and then a regular baker,but eventually became the leader of a big company? hmmm…this episode is the clear state of the big war between Tak Gu, on behalf of his father, with Madame Seo.

Tak Gu finally confinced himself to showed up in the Gu Family mansion. Everybody was there, plus some bussiness clients and company board members. He had his head up and shoulders straight up facing the three lions: Madame Seo, Mr. Han, and Gu Ma jun. The sisters were just silent referees. I really dislike the eldest sister, she just…never has a firm soil to stand on.

Tak Gu showed the family and Mr. Han the mandate letter from Director Gu. He’s gonna be the one taking place of his father’s position if anything bad happened to him (the old man), instead of Gu Ma jun. Madame Seo was hystarical, of course, and Mr. Han made a snake-like eyes expression. Everyone was even more surprised when Tak Gu announced that he’d be staying in the family mansion until his father regain consciousness.

Going back to Pal bong Bakery for a while, he had Mi sun awaiting him in front of the house. Mi sun got the story from his father about who Tak Gu really was. She got upset because Tak Gu didn’t tell her anything, but Tak Gu said he’s not leaving for good. “This is my hometown. This is my home,” he said convincingly.

Mi sun then let out her true feeling to Tak Gu. But she used the word “like” instead of “love”, so Tak Gu just took it a light way. He just said “I like you too,” and ruffled her hair. That insufficient reply then upset Mi sun more.

Tak Gu stopped by the kitchen and said that he wasn’t standing there to collect memories, he’s there to make sure everything will be back like it was before pretty soon.

Preparing for the board meeting, Madame Seo invited the board members for lunch to make sure everyone was on her side. And just the right moment when half of the boards confirming they’re on Director Gu’s side, Ma jun came. Then those men were back their seat.

Meanwhile, at the office, Tak Gu had a lot to deal with. The company documents he had to study about, the new working enironment, people talking about him on the back and Shin Yu Gyong’s presence as one of his secretaries. But Tak Gu was definitely a strong man in spirit. He just tried his best to focus on his work.

And like as always, Ma jun was dying to have a firm hold on Yu Gyeong, while Tak Gu without, ever asked, was blessed by having Mi sun by his side.

Ma jun insiste don marrying Yu Gyeong, but his mom knew only one firm answer for this: “NO!”. What she never expected was the secret weapon Ma jun had: the bracelet. Ma jun finally showed it to his mom and Madame Seo was in horror.

While this mother and son matter got more intens, Tak Gu’s relationship with his dad was stepping on a new level. He became a devoted son. However, Tak Gu’s presence in the house was not welcome. I was so annoyed when seeing that it was the eldest sister telling him so. She said Tak G’s presence just made the rest of the family uncomfortable. If I were Tak Gu, I’d say “Like that’s my business? I’m staying, no matter what. All you need to do is just deal with it.” But Tak Gu was a well mannered person, so he said, “I’ll be unseen. I just need to see the Director in the morning and at night. I’ll sleep at the pavilion.”

Tak Gu study hard for the board meeting. He kept having Mi sun’s words in his mind telling “You should do it like yourself. Tak Gu’s way.” So instead of studying those mountained documents, he commanded the secretaries to bring him the breads, products of Geo Seong Food, and to make him some charts. And that worked better for his brain.

The day of the board meeting finally arrived. It wasn’t only Tak Gu who was nervous, I was too.. :D

What Tak Gu didn’t know was that there’re two tremendous good news for him that moment: his father had actually regained his consciousness and his mother was coming!

Would it be the perfect moment for their -must be- emotional reunion? Well, let’s just see on the next episode…

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2 Responses to Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 25 Summary

  1. I think next episode will be amazing. Thank you

  2. i’m truly fall in love with this drama. can’t wait to see the next episode! but, u know what, i think this is the director’s plan. he plan it from the beginning. he just pretending unconscious to bring Takgu to the company. did u hear what the attorney said? “director, everything goes as your wish…” something like that. huhuu…

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