Cha Seung Won and Tattoos on L’officiel Homme

Oh GOD!!! Your creature……oh damn! Maybe I’m too late to be born.

He appeared with tattoos for L’officiel Homme magazine, a male fashion magazine. On that magazine, the actor who’s born in 1970, also talks about his struggle in Korean entertainment industry.

Actually I don’t like guy with tattoos, but because he is Cha Seung Won it apparently turns out so perfect. The tattoos designed by himself. “Rachel” is his daughter’s Catholic name. He is a loving daddy, model, great actor, creative architect, and he’s absolutely sexy.  No need more words, because i’m speechless indeed.

[by Blossom]

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6 Responses to Cha Seung Won and Tattoos on L’officiel Homme

  1. He is simply perfection! A talented, versatile actor, with an incredible body (that guys half his age don’t have), humorous and charismatic (from interviews I’ve seen), and a dedicated family man! He’s got it all! It’s not easy attaining all that, not many people can. He is truly blessed with good fortune. I wonder what he did in his past life that he is so successful in this one? Ah…envious!

  2. I wanna see a close up of each one of his tattoos and know what they mean.I noticed he has one on his leg too while watching the greatest love.

  3. i dont know why he wana have such a big tattoo n its daughter name!?!

  4. Well, one thing for sure; I’ll definitely say YES if he suddenly propose me to marry him, even if we’re 21 years apart!!
    Can’t focus in class today…his sexy abs just keep playing in my head. Huuu~~

  5. who is rachel in cha seung won tatoo?

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