Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Ga In Together As Korean Charlie’s Angels

Finally the Korean charlie’s angels already completed, BEG’s Ga In agreed to follow her best eonnie, Ha Ji Won, to act on new movie “Three Beauties Of Joseon” (조선미녀삼총사). Actually, this is the second time this singer acts alongside with Ha Ji Won. Before they both first met on “Closer To Heaven” (2009).

On “Three Beauties of Joseon” alongside with Ha Ji Won and Kang Ye Won, Ga In will transform into Joseon female warrior. This movie tells about three musketeers on Korean female version  with Joseon dynasty as the setting. In Korea, they’re also known Charlie’s Angels.

For this action movie of course before start filming process the three actresses will  be trained  martial arts intensively.  This is piece of cake for Ha Ji Won. Her role on this movie is not too different from her previous role on “Damo” or “Duelist”.

On the musketeers team,  Ha Ji Won will be take the role as the leader, Jin Ok, while Kang Ye Won as Hong Dan, and of course the BEG maknae, Ga In, also become maknae, Ga Bi. Together they will fight against a bunch of bad guys who are trying overthrow the royal family and to take over the nation.

The shooting scheduled to begin this autumn, around September-October. Oh i can’t wait to see these women beat off the bad guys on the next year…

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2 Responses to Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Ga In Together As Korean Charlie’s Angels

  1. wow cant wait for this, i miss HAJIWON so much,i wonder when she will release her book?thanks for the updates.

  2. Can’t wait the film…

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