Ha Ji Won: Sector 7 and Fans Meeting

Whooaaaa….I’m baaaaaaaaack!!!! miss my web, miss my laptop, miss my partner, Rizz, sorry dear I left you alone. Finally I can write article again. I was so busy for a couple of weeks. If Hyun Bin is busy doing military service, I’m busy doing another kind of civil service…oh whatever, I’m here now.

Still hangover, I try to write an article. (Actually, due to my activities I have no time to update news, even I didn’t have time to turn on TV).

On June 12, Ha Ji Won, held a fan meeting and an autograph giving sessions for her fans. At Lotte departement store Ha Ji Won appeared with casual style, fresh  and simple. She also came as the Crocodile Ladies ambassador. She looked so friendly with her fans, greeting them with a smiling face and very humble. That’s why I like her, she’s just an ordinary woman but in the same time she can look so amazing.

And too bad, her Sci-fi movie “Sector 7” has to be rescheduled. It will be released for holiday season, precisely on August 4th.

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9 Responses to Ha Ji Won: Sector 7 and Fans Meeting

  1. Erica Jean Sadio

    Oppah Ha Ji Won i’m your fan from the Philippines ..your so cool on that haircut still pretty and look younger…… I saw the photos of your new movie sector 7 your so cool in that photo…. I hope i can watch it here….OPPAH ^_^_^_^_^_^

  2. Erica Jean Sadio

    I am only… but first comment yehhhhhhhh….You’ve got a message again MS. Ha Ji Won….^_^_^_^I hope can meet you in person even in my dreams =D=D=D i’m being addicting with korean stars i like korean song, drama specially the secret garden it was so awesome i love watching it on youtube…. if there is a news about ms. ha ji won can you update me just email me at ericadssadio@yahoo.com thanks thanks =D=D=D

  3. Erica Jean Sadio

    Just wanna say sorry for calling you oppa it just a mistake…..sorry =(( sorry =(( ms. ha ji won…. just being excite to comment here, hope you understand… ^_^_^_^_^You’ve got a message=D=D=D

  4. Erica Jean Sadio

    Just one last comment for today….You’ve got a message….. You’ve got a message ms. Ha Ji Won….I hope you have another drama or something to watch here in Philippines….^_^_^_^ Always take Care eonni=D=D=D=D=D

    • ahahaha..erica, you’re so funny, but welcome to the club!!! I’m also adoring Ha Ji Won, she’s so amazing. Okay, I’ll always try to update news about her. thanks for stopping by… :D

  5. She look fresh,relaxe and as always Happy look and SMILE! :) I can’t wait to watch the Sector 7.

  6. Erica Jean(EJ)

    Blossom–> ^_^_^_^I’m a filipino fan of MS.Ha Ji Won…. If there is any news about her can you update me. my email add is already posted at the 2 comment thanks thank=D=D=D i’m just being addicted with korean songs and many more….
    You’ve got a message… You’ve got a message Ms. Ha ji won…Hello look so young in your new hair cut…. you look 21 or 22….later again…^_^_^_^

  7. sana iupdate nyu rin ako about ms.ha ji won pakisend na lang sa email q dead na dead talaga ako sa kanya

  8. 926406 441799Great artical, I unfortunately had some problems printing this artcle out, The print formating looks a little screwed over, something you might want to look into. 123748

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