Ha Ji Won Talks About Her Rookie Time and Boyfriend

On SBS’s popular entertainment program that aired on October 26th, Entertainment Midnight, there’s Ha Ji Won sit down to talks about her career and a little bit her personal life.
on that show she recalling about her rookie time, even now she already known as Korean Top Actress, but when she begin her career on entertainment she also get some criticism.

People told that she’s not talented as an actress since she had no social skill. They thought when you became a celebrity you also have to attend many informal social events, but Ha Ji Won didn’t. So, you mean , you’re considered as  an untalented actress just because you did not run your duty as a celebrity by becoming a socialite? ouch … it really was not fair

But, after her bold performance on Wax’s “Oppa”, they changed their mind. Finally they gave a thought that Ha Ji Won could also enjoy life. Ha Ji Won said with laugh “They began to say that i knew how to have a good time” :D

Besides her career, she also did not mind talking about her personal life. She admited that she don’t have a boy friend right now, that’s why she feels lonely these days. But I think even she’s lonely, she didn’t mean to get a boyfriend soon, she’s too busy to pursue her dreams.

She revealed her ideal boyfriend type, as physical that guy has to be good looking, but she wants to have a boyfriend who never gets eyes-job, she didn’t like man with deep double eyelids unless it’s original. And as the most muscular actress in Korea, of course she wants a boyfriend who also enjoys exercising, and maybe she can ask her boyfriend to go  exercising together. Apparantly she doesn’t only want a handsome guy but also has a great shape…hahahaha..me too.. :mrgreen:

She added that she wants to date a guy who can enjoy time together even it’s just walking together, and who can be connected  with her eventhough they don’t talk much. Actually those are pretty difficult criterias Ha Ji Won-ssi, but i hope one day you will find your mr. Right ;)

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15 Responses to Ha Ji Won Talks About Her Rookie Time and Boyfriend

  1. ganda tlaga ni ha ji won

  2. doesn’t that spell… hyun bin? lol.

    wish you luck in finding your mr. right, unnie! ^^

  3. Hi, ha ji won! I finished watching Secret Garden u co-starring with Hyun Bin. I can write only admires! Great job!!! I believed in chemistry and want this chemistry to be continued in real life! You are the best korean drama couple i have ever known. Go ahead to ur dreams!

  4. “She added that she wants to date a guy who can enjoy time together even it’s just walking together, and who can be connected with her eventhough they don’t talk much”

    Is this a hint unnie?? In Secret Garden you & uri HB oppa always stroll together ^_^ hahaha..

    If this is truly a hint,it makes my heart swell with hopes.. I really2 hope that both of you will be a real couple.

    Amazing Yeoja + Amazing Namja = THE PERFECT TWO =) <3



  7. One of my fave korean actress… Cool actresss….

  8. joanne cabalan-ortega

    elow ha ji won.ur so pretty,i love scret garden…

  9. I enjoy the SECRET GARDEN so much and u act very well.

  10. ..Pretty ha ji won i really like u. You’re the best!!

  11. I love the chemistry between HJW and HB in secret garden.Its as if their meant for each other.
    Im waiting for HB D-day from MS…lets see what happens next!
    P.S. HJW ur the best!…since memories of bali to hwang jinyi,secret garden and king 2 hearts ive been following you..
    Keep on fighting!aja!

  12. Nkolika -Nigeria

    These actors and actresses make effort to portray the emotion of the characters they represent, and that is what we see as chemistry, if they have to marry everyone they have chemistry with, then their marriage will be as episodic as the dramas they do. If they do not convey those emotions in the drama, we shall not be glued to our TV sets and their effort would have been in vain.

  13. i realy do like jiwon n bin couple

  14. Hope Ha Ji Won mr Right is Hyun Bin
    Ha Ji Won + Hyun Bin = Perfection

  15. ..very good actress..you and hyun bin are perfect to each other…i like secret garden a lot…

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