Ha Ji Won: The Marriage and The Younger Partner

On her new drama “The King 2Hearts”, Ha Ji Won will be entangled with marriage thing, her role, Kim Hang Ah, will experience an arrange marriage with prince crown Lee  Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi). The marriage isn’t new thing for her in acting, in the end of “Secret Garden” she looked so sweet together with Hyun Bin as married couple, and on 2009 through  “Closer to Heaven” she’s transformed into devoted wife for Kim Myung Min.

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But yesterday (March8th), when she attended “The King 2Hearts” press conference that held on Imperial Palace Hotel, on pretty lime green dress she looked confused and blushed when she’s asked about marriage on her real life. She couldn’t talk much, just replied “I don’t know yet” when the journalist asked her about married.

Quite different with her role, Kim Ha Ah who has strong commitment on marriage, Ha Ji Won realized she’s already thirty four years old-the cynical people said that is the marriageable age- but she hasn’t thought about married yet until now, becuase she doesn’t know yet about marriage life.

And as always she really goes deep for her role,  until she dreamed to be forced to marry  for political reason like Kim Hang Ah…Oh i think it was absolutely nightmare for her. But she said one day she would marry, of course with the right person on the right time.
Don’t worry Ha Ji Won-ssi, marriage is not achievement or obligation. Right? Just enjoy your life today and reach your dreams…

Besides her thought about marriage she also shared her feeling about working together with her younger co-worker, Lee Seung Gi. She admited being burdened acting alongside with Lee Seung Gi because their  gap, nine years gap. She was born on 1978 while Lee Seung Gi  on 1987. But she tries to be professional by no longer think about their gap.

As i know this is not the first time she works together with a younger guy with quite long gap. In “Hwang Jin I”(2006) she acted together alongside with Jang Geun Suk who also younger nine years than her, maybe on that time she didn’t assume Jang Geun Suk as a guy, maybe he was just a kid for her that time. And this time, apparently she already assumed Lee Seung Gi as a guy, then maybe she feels it’s weird .

But over all she’s glad that Lee Seung Gi also being professional and mature, even sometime she thought Seung Gi was older than her. Seung Gi managed to make her feel comfortable during the filming together, and she’s quite surprised with Seung Gi’s kiss skill. He is quite expert for his age. Oh really??? Ha Ji Won praised Lee Seung Gi? okay it means Seung Gi’s level is getting high now.

Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah have to be together for some reasons, but they each have secret mission for their countries. At first they suspicious to each other but then eventually they fall in love. “The King 2Hearts” has to be delayed the airing schedule until “The Moon that Embraces The Sun” ended on March 21st.

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