Kang Dong Won Transforms Into The Rebelious Teenager for Highcut

20131025-Kang Dong Won

Actually, I still can not understand why Kang Dong Won looks younger after being discharged from the military service. Through “Highcut” recent edition, Kang Dong Won shows off his fresh appearance. For me he looks like a teenager here. If other actors are getting older, he’s getting younger. Maybe the clock is ticking backwards just for him.

On the pictorial, Kang Dong Won transforms into the rebel teenager, a bad boy. The photoshoot took place in Tokyo. He wears the fall collection mostly from Adidas.

Meanwhile, recently Kang Dong Won is busy with the production of his up-coming movie “Band of Thieves” alongside with Ha Jung Woo. Kang Dong Won becomes the villain on that movie.

20131025-Kang Dong Won_2

20131025-Kang Dong Won_3

20131025-Kang Dong Won_4

20131025-Kang Dong Won_5


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