Lee Min Ho And All His Charm As Yoon Seong

After Secret Garden with its Hyun Bin, I think City Hunter with its Lee Min Ho is the talk around the town nowadays. His character as Yoon Seong has bewitched every woman’s heart. From the childishly-bed-tempered Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flower, and then the cool architect in Personal Taste…Lee Min Ho has now become the sexy comical private detective in City Hunter.

In Yoon Seong’s character, he has become the man with its charisma. Brought up by a very strict father (not biological father) who trained him to be a soldier and the feeling of longing for a mother, Yoon Seong has both the good fighting skill and sensitive heart. And his eyes has made his character stronger. They call it “Yoon Seong’s (Light) Eyes” [‘눈빛 윤성’], the eyes that like gems.

[by Rizz]


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