Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 24 Summary Final

Glory Jane episode 24 is actually just a finishing touch of the whole story. Jae In resigned from Heo Yeong Do’s team to continue pursuing her dream as a nurse. Seo In Woo still hadn’t decided what he really wanted to do, but he’s going to stay in the company for awhile. This condition made Oh Geun Bok was the only potential new trainee who’s officially recruited.

Young Kwang was fully recovered and visiting Mrs. Yoon’s room to tell Jae In that he’s going home. But he didn’t find her there, just Mrs. Yoon. “How are you, Ma’am…or should I call you ajeummoni? Or maybe mother(in-law)?” Young Kwang was about to leave when he realized that Mrs.Yoon woke up from her coma! Jae In came in the right time.

Before going home, Young Kwang told Jae In that he’s going back to baseball. Then he brought up their childhood unfinished business. Young Kwang asked the same question he asked Jae In when they’re still kids: “Will you marry me? If I become the home run king, will you marry me?”

With Young Kwang officially resigning to go back to baseball, Seo In Woo came to Heo Yeong Do telling that he took over Geodae baseball team to help Young Kwang after everything he had done. Knowing Young Kwang’s chance in the league would be small with his previous bad record, In Woo asked Heo Yeong Do to step forward and help that man too.

Seo In Cheol indeed led the company. In Woo told him that he’s gonna stay for awhile in the company, joining business strategy department and he challenged that one day, he might be the one who stumble In Cheol down like what he did to his own uncle. Of course In Cheol took that as a mere boast.

After a long time off, Young Kwang’s batting ability was getting helpless. He got a surprise private coaches. Heo Yeong Do’s core team, besides Cha Hong Joo, were all former baseball players who played in Geodae team. Joo Dae Seong was once a pitcher whose specialty was a bending ball (sort of like Beckham? maybe :D ) So They coached Young Kwang before he started the real coaching in the team.

Once after his practice, in the change room Young Kwang found Jae In’s memo, including her lucky pendant, saying “You MUST become the home run king. Got that?”

And times went by…

Jae In was back to her hectic nursing job in the ER. She worked under the same Head Nurse again. But this time the Head Nurse did gave her a compliment after Jae In did a good job in her work.

Meanwhile the improved Kim Young Kwang Player only needed a chance to raise from his deep fall, and a chance he got. Many of the primary league players were injured and the team needed some qualified players from the second league and they involved Young Kwang. Everyone was excited to watch Geodae’s team match, including Heo Yeong Do’s team and Jae In. However, because there’s an emergency situation, she couldn’t get to the match on time.

Young Kwang was finally summoned when Geodae’s situation was critical. Jae In was at the lobby when she saw Young Kwang on his base ready to hit the ball. Young Kwang kissed the pendant before he started. He let go the two first ball…but on the third throw, he hit the ball hard and it’s a home run.

In Woo watched the game from afar, saying in a joke to himself that it wouldn’t be good if Young Kwang kept doing good job like that he could really be the home run king>> and married to Jae In. But of course at that state, In Woo knew that he’s out of the league. He could only focus on his work and the way to bring In Cheol down. And there he got the Gyeong Joo noona to be his alliance. Gyeong Joo handed him the documents telling In Cheol’s illegal funding and all his business crime. Gyeong Joo told In Woo that she did it because she couldn’t forgive In Cheol. She found his late father’s mobile in In Cheol’s drawer.

And everyone found their happyness, too. The mother and grandmother looked happy running the noodle shop, even though grandmother’s illness was not getting better, at least she didn’t get really worse. And Jin Joo found a boy friend who was his customer at the coffee shop and also a fan of Geodae baseball team.

Heo Yeong Do’s team was getting more solid and making bigger achievement in their works.

But for this picture…hmm, actually  I didn’t really get it. It’s just too staged about the idea of putting Mrs.Yoon and In Woo sitting on that bench in the snow together taking picture… people could mistaken that scene as lovers scene, don’t you think? especially with In Woo’s narration of: “I want to learn how to love again…”

And it was in a snowing evening when Young Kwang came to surprise Jae In. He made a time to visit her between his busy schedule. His ultimate goal that evening was to say:

“So I ask you again Yoo Jae In. Will you marry me? When I become a home run king?” (Oh I always love Cheon Jeong Myeong’s childish smile)

Jae In didn’t say a word…but she smiled widely.

Happy ending, as I had guessed.

I’m so sorry if you feel that I don’t give myself fully in writing this drama, because frankly it’s not my favorite. But I did try to keep updating the drama by writing this summary.

I’ll see you again soon in the next summary project. I’m thinking about a drama that’ll make me laugh out loud every twice a week. Hopefully no chaebol thingy either… :)

[by Rizz]


9 Responses to Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 24 Summary Final

  1. I started off really liking this drama, then it just turned into a steamy pile of wtf is going on.. What had me going at the start were the deep emotions the characters were feeling. Then it just turned into a random mess of people going back and forth… having no clue why the characters were flip flopping so much.

    And it has SO MUCH FILLER, that i fast forwarded huge amounts of this kdrama.

  2. Thank you so much for your synopsis,im a fan of this drama but dont understand korean :) your synopsis is a life saver because episode 24 had no english sub ,i went crazy dont have a clue is it a happy end or not ?

  3. just wondering if u knew who was the cutie who acted as jin joo’s new boyfriend?

    and yeah i dont really understand the il woo and jane’s mother part either ><

  4. who’s the actor that was jin joo’s boyfriend? so cute ^^ <3

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  6. I want to know the name of the actor who portrayed Oh Geum Bok. He was never listed in the credits. Please help thank you so much.

  7. I really like it better when jae in and in woo are together than young kwang. Because jae in and in woo are better much together.

  8. I cryd whn i sw tht In U dd get 2gether with jae in .thy are such a nice couple nd in u changed 4 jae in e ending is nt fair. Besides In U is hotter thn young gwang.:*

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