Won Bin is 2010 Korean Brightest Movie Actor

A survey conducted by Korean Gallop Organization from November 17th to December 2nd resulted Won Bin as “2010 Brightest Movie Actor”. The survey was held across the nation, excluding Jeju Island, with 30.7% of total 1701 female respondents supported him. He beat his sonbae, Jang Dong Gun, who was on the second place with 14.4% supporters. Kang Dong Won and Lee Byeong Hyeon were each 11.6% and 6.4% supporters.

Joining the production of “Ajeossi” has been probably the best decision he has ever made. Thanks to that movie he has received so many acknowledgement from almost everyone everywhere. He really IS Korean Republic’s Brightest Movie Actor of the year.

Congrats, darling handsome… ;)

[info and image source]

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