2BiC “Made Yet Another Woman Cry” (또 한 여잘 울렸어)

2BiC is a new talented duet group with strong vocal points. They just released their new single “Made yet another Woman Cry”. Jin Hwan and Jung Hyung do have beautiful voices and this song is so sad. But they need a good marketing strategy to promote their group and their works, so they put 2 rising star actors: Joo Won and Lee Min Ho (from Moon That Embraces the Sun).

This MV is pretty much telling the sadness of the two women in different times. They had different sad stories with different men. The only same thing that connects them is the house. So the point of the MV is that the house brings a bad luck? :D haha just joking. But really, this song is so sad.

The MV (please be patient for the ads)


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  1. Me gusta mucho esta canción, pero me entristece mucho el mv es super trágico, sin embargo me gusta mucho ^^

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