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The King 2 Hearts Quick Episode 20 (Finale)

Here we finally are in the final episode of The King 2 Hearts. Surprisingly, I feel more relieve than sad this drama is ending. Why? This drama is too heavy and if they had some extension in the episodes, I think people would be exhausted. So wrapping up in the 20th episode is very wise. […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 19 Quick Summary

The court ladies was celebrating their boss’ birthday. Jae Shin came and gave her loyal chief court lady a present. The scene flashback to when Shi Kyeong asked Jae Shin to start singing again. Meanwhile Shi Kyeong was pointing his gun towards Jae Ha on the cliff, in front of John and his men. John […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 18 Quick Summary

Somewhere in China, Hang Ah arrived at a house and asked for a help from the house’s owner. The husband left the room and the wife told Hang Ah to flee because she knew her husband wasn’t going to help her. And yes it was too late for Hang Ah to go. The Chinese officers […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 17 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts finally give an episode for our second leading man character, Eun Shi Kyeong.  Correlated with the attempt to save the lost Hang Ah in China, this episode finally let  Eun Shi Kyeong found out his father greatest sin. And to complete his sorrowful day, he had to keep strong watching Jae Shin […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 15 Summary

The tense in WOC battle field was getting higher. Korean team was pushed to the corner. They didn’t have any other option but to push to win the game, even though the current condition was the exactly opposite situation. Team US had got Kwon’s key already. Jae Ha consulted the matter with South Korean general […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 16 Quick Summary

If you expected The King 2 Hearts to be much lighter as this drama is closer to the finale, you would be disappointed. The story has been reaching its climax when The King has to make a difficult choice between his very loved ones or his throne. The King 2 Hearts is getting tense, and […]

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The King 2 Hearts: More Pictures From Royal Engagement Scene

The King kissed his fiance! article I had once posted it right? Frankly, thanks to that spoiler i wasn’t worry about latest episodes (episode 13 and 14), when Jae Ha and Hang Ah risking their love on WOC, because eventually they engaged.yay! Then today (May 8th) more photos from that royal engagement scene was published. On […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 14 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 14 is “everyone was pretty much occupied”, I think that’s how I call it. Jae Ha and Korean team was busy in the WOC. Jae Shin was busy struggling with her psychological issue and being a country leader, Shi Kyeong was soooo busy fighting Club M, Mr.Eun was busy protecting […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 13 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts Episode 13 is heavy again, I’m telling you. The idea of Jae Ha-Hang Ah go for the WOC in Japan and Shi Kyeong who had to stay because Jae Shin, who was still struggling with her self, had to be the temporary Queen for a month…for me it’s all heavy. But […]

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