Daesang for Cha Seung Won from Style Icon Award

Oh yeah..no wonder and no more debatable, he is not only an actor, but also a professional model for over 20 years, so he deserves to get that award. It’s impossible to ignore his star charisma, right??? :mrgreen:

On November 3rd, was held 2011 Style Icon Award at CJ E&M Center Sangam-dong, Seoul, so many celebrities attended that event, they are Ji Sung, Go So Yeong, Nam Gyu Ri, Go Soo, Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, IU, Narsha (BEG), SNSD’s member, and more.

But i just want to focused on Cha Seung Won, who came with black tuxedo plus bow tie, because he’s the king of the night where he wass crowned a Daesang award. This year is the fourth times for SIA. First time it was held on 2008, Rain got the first Daesang award. Kim Hye Soo on 2009, and Lee Byung Hun also got the award last year.

With the perfect body, this 43-years-old-ajeossi should be known as “Style Icon of the Year” indeed. This year, through his role on his latest drama “Best Love” as Dok Ko Jin, the arrogant actor, he managed to grab the public’s attention with his comical acting and a rock star style appearance. That night he even suddenly transformed in to Dok Ko Jin character, on his witty speech, Cha Seung Won said “I’m pretty, right?”. No, my dearest ajeossi!  you are not pretty, your more than that, your absolutely gorgeous… :mrgreen:

Congratulation our hottest ajeossi!


[by Blossom]

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5 Responses to Daesang for Cha Seung Won from Style Icon Award

  1. This hot body is only 40 years old, not 43 as you stated. Cha Seung-won is born in 1971.
    I love him. My friend and I have seen all his movies and dramas. He was smoking hot before Athena and Greatest Love, but the rest of the World just didn’t know it. And he is a very talented actor.

    • I forgot to tell that we are Europeans. Europe LOVES Cha Seung-won!!

    • I’m sorry campi, i was supposed to write his age about 42 years old, as i know he was born in June 1970, so for Korean, your age counting started year 1 as you were born.

  2. Aaaw he’s so handsome, I would like to meet him even at 2 km. hahaha

  3. He’s really handsome, soooo handsome. I’ve watched all his kdramas and movies. My fave is The City Hall and Ghe greatest Love

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