Han Hyo Joo Model for “Head”

Han Hyo Joo shows her lovely charm on “Head” photo shoot for “InStyle” Magazine. She’s wearing “Head” for 2011 summer collection. This time she’s not alone. She accompanied by Yang Joon Hyuk, a baseball player and also her biggest fan.

Han Hyo Joo image as a cheerful and sweety girl suited with the summer collection. They appear with sailor theme. This team  looked comfortable during the photo shoot.

Actually at first time Yang Joon Hyuk feel awkward to meet Han Hyo Joo, because he is her big fan. but finally this couple managed to blend after Han Hyo Joo brought cookies and flowers for him and  talked so friendly with him,  and Han Hyo Joo also get autographed ball from Yang Joon Hyuk.

I think with her warm personality, it’s gonna be easy to make friends with her.

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  1. So lovely <3

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