Joo Won In Hurry To Star on New Drama “Secret Agent War” (비밀남녀전)

After becoming so heroic on “Bridal Mask”, Joo Won no need more rest time to decide to be back on small screen immediately. On September 28th, his agency has announced that Joo Won will become the leading character on romantic comedy drama “Secret Agent War”. Such in hurry indeed, but i think no one will complain about this, we need to see that cute face often, right? ;)

This spy drama will not take the same line as “IRIS” or “Athena.” It’s about the new generation secret agent, the drama will be more light and comical, it will remind you of Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul’s movie “7  Level Civil Servant”.  Joo Won takes the role as Gil Ro who grows up on a wealthy family makes him become a proud and reckless secret agent. Having James Bond as  role model makes him too confident to run the job but actually almost all his works end so badly, he ruins everything. Then, as the secret agent of course he must hide his real identity to others, including his girlfriend who turns out to be also a secret agent.

I’m really curious about this drama, because as i know, Joo Won always portray the cold, introvert, and cocky person, but on this drama he’s demanded to be different, being more expressive and  comical. Frankly, until now i can’t imagine finding Joo Won as the witty person like Kang Ji Hwan, it will be a challenge for him. Then, for the female lead they haven’t announced the name. I hope they will pick the right actress.

The drama is scheduled to be broadcast at MBC start on January 2013.

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