Lee Seung Gi’s Beggar Look Haircut

Frankly, I was speechless when I first time saw Lee Seung Gi’s new look at 2 Days 1 Night. But not because I was bedazzled. It’s because I was quite shocked. I thought his hairstylish did a foolish thing or he could’ve cut his own hair with unproper scissors or a kitchen knife. He looked like a beggar, terribly messy. Usually he’s the most neat guy among 2D1N’s personnel, but now .. what happened to you Seung Gi-ssi? :?

Me and Rizz speculate: we thought Lee Seung Gi felt his “spotlight” in 2D1N has come to a competition since Uhm Tae Woong joined the show. So that he tried to deviate from his habit (as good boy) to make him in the spotlight again. Because to be honest, as an ajeossi-deul lover, I can’t switch off my view from Uhm Tae Woong when I watch 2D1N … he’s too sexy to be ignored … :mrgreen:

But I hope our prejudice is wrong, maybe he just wanted to change his appearance to be a little haphazard just because he’s bored with his good boy image. And please keep being our good boy in personality…

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