Song Seung Hun as CEO of Blacksmith Restaurant

Nope! it’s not his character on a movie or drama, but in real life he really becomes a CEO of restaurant. On December 22nd he looked so happy at the opening ceremony of a  new Italian restaurant, “Blacksmith.” He’s trusted as the CEO of the restaurant that’s located on Shinsadong, Seoul. “Balcksmith” is a new restaurant chain from Caffe Bene, the food and beverage company where Song Seung Hun is the ambassador.

Becoming the boss of a restaurant is one of his dreams. One day, when he was little, he went to a hotel to celebrate his father’s birthday with buffet dinner. He’s overwhelmed and excited looking at all the food. He thought you could eat the whole food if you own the hotel or restaurant. Then he had a dream to become the owner of hotel or restaurant…ouch so childish dream but cute…

As a CEO, he’s pretty noble to run the restaurant, every month he provides opportunities for less-fortunate people to enjoy a delicious meal at his restaurant. Okay, success for your business and your charity, ajeossi! and I promise one day I’ll come to visit your restaurant, so please prepare the vegetarian menu for me… ;)

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2 Responses to Song Seung Hun as CEO of Blacksmith Restaurant

  1. I really want to see Song Seung Heon in person and meet him . His my biggest Korean drama guy that I
    really enjoy every moment of his movies.. I keep watching the same drama every time I don’t have anything to watch because he is such an excellent, talented, exciting and handsome to watch😍❤️🥰
    I’m planning to come in March for my 50th birthday and I really want to have dinner at Blacksmith restaurant and enjoy the food that he will be serving. All his movies are very sad and touching story, his
    so good the way he acts, especially when he gets angry and the way he smiles, I loved it. I’m always be cheering for Song Seung Heon !! Hope I can meet him and have a photo with him.😂😂😊😊😊❤️🥰

  2. Does he still own this restaurant

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