“My Princess”: Cinderella and Prince Charming?

Another photo release of the most anticipated MBC drama “My Princess”. After wearing an elaborate hanbok, Kim Tae Hee appeared with the European-royal-style. This time she is not alone, but together with her co-star, Song Seung Heon. Seeing these photos like seeing a  fairy tale cover book. They look like Cinderella and prince charming.
Actually I’m not too excited with this drama, I’m afraid the results would be like “Marry Me, Mary”. Moon Geun Yeong played very well in ‘Cinderella’ s Sister”, but when she’s in “mary-plain-drama” where Wi Mae Ri is very different character with Gu Eun Jo, the result is quite disappointing because I think her acting is not as amazing as usual (but please don’t blame Moon Geun Yeong, blame the writer! X| ).
And I don’t want the same thing happen to Kim Tae Hee, she has played very well in “IRIS” as a special agent, and in “My Princess” she will act as (only) a cute girl. Kim Tae Hee dares to take the risk with the fairly significant role transformation, and I hope  the results won’t be disappointing.

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  1. Kim Tae Hee did her job well in IRIS. Drama “My Princess” is the light comedy with romance and it is interesting!


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