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Fated To Love You – Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of “Fated to Love You” started with a korean model dipping her long silky black hair into the stone water bowl in a green leafy nature surrounding. Apparently, she was shooting an advertisement for a shampoo commercial. During the shoot, the model (starred by Clara Kee Seong-Min) wasn’t too impressed with the […]

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Good Doctor Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Here we are in Good Doctor episode 20, the final episode. All of us are expecting a happy ending, and in this kind of drama, you can put a high hope on it. In Hae was not waking up yet. Shi On felt guilty. And the problem didn’t stop there for him. When he visited […]

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Good Doctor Episode 19 Summary

The last two episode for Good Doctor. Last time the episode ended when Yoon Seo made a love confession to Shi On, and from there we started this episode. Shi On said that he felt his blood  was boiling and the heart sounded like a drum. Yoon Seo said she also felt the same. He […]

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Good Doctor Episode 18 Quick Summary

Yoon Seo asked her junior to take Dr.Kim outside, but Dr.Kim insisted on staying. He ordered Yoon Seo to be in charge and Dr.Han as the first assistant. “I will remain in this OR, so you all will be my hands,” said Dr.Kim. One of his residents helped him standing the rest of the process. […]

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Good Doctor Episode 17 Quick Summary

Good Doctor episode 17 started with a critical situation. Shi On and Yoon Seo brought In Hae to the hospital. Her condition was critical. Chae Kyeong apologized personally to her step mother. Dr.Kim scolded his team whom he thought as responsible of In Hae’s worse condition. And it didn’t stop there, Dr.Jae Joong came to […]

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Good Doctor Episode 16 Quick Summary

Good Doctor this episode started when Shi On caught the bad guy coming into the girl’s room, then Dr.Kim fought the guy. Shi On witnessed the scene before his very own eye, so Shi On tried to fight the guy, but he managed to flee. Thankfully there was male nurse Jo. He wouldn’t let that guy […]

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Good Doctor Episode 15 Quick Summary

Good Doctor episode 15 started on the scene where Shi On was giving a hug to Yoon Seo. She shrugged him off and asked why he’s doing that. Shi On said that he just wanted to sooth her feelings because his brother used to hug him when he was feeling down. Jumped to another setting. In […]

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Good Doctor Episode 14 Quick Summary

This episode of Good Doctor is about reconciliation. But we get to where it ended on the previous episode. Shi On tried his best to do the surgery. There was a bleeding and he was struggling to find the source. His ability to see things “3D-ly ” was still in problem, but then he remembered […]

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Good Doctor Episode 13 Summary

Good Doctor episode 13 is where Park Shi On had to face the traumatic past. Seeing his father, the bad memories surfaced Shi On’s mind. He collapsed and when he woke up and knew that his father was still outside the room, he was on nervous mode again right away. Dr.Kim met the father and […]

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