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City Hunter Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Kim Yeong Joo was dead. Just cried if you like. I always cry even after rewatching it so many times. Yoon Seong took Yeong Joo’s phone and found a text under his name, City Hunter, telling Yeong Joo to go to the junkyard. He knew it’s his father. Lee Jin Pyo was going to kill […]

City Hunter Episode 19 Summary

As Yeong Joo finally confirmed what he’s been suspicious about, Yoon Seong in cynical way asked him, “Kim Yeong Joo, are you happy now?” The police are coming, Yeong Joo finally just let Yoon Seong go. But it wasn’t only Yoon Seong who escaped, Cheon Jae Man did too. Yoon Seong visited Yeong Joo and […]

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City Hunter Episode 18 Summary

Yoon Seong had no choice but to reveal his face in front of Cheon Jae Man’s man. He finally figured out that Yoon Seong was indeed City Hunter. Yoon Seong and Jin Pyo managed to fight them all, but Jin Pyo’s condition was so badly injured and Cheon Jae Man’s man could flee. He was […]

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City Hunter Episode 17 Summary

Being asked by the President if he was looking for the 1983 year book, Yoon Seong said no. He said he’s just passing by. Then the President asked him for a help to teach him something about managing blog. Yoon Seong found out that the President worked harder than his staffs and had a very […]

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City Hunter Episode 16 Summary

Yoon Seong’s condition was very bad. He could sense it that death is so much closer to him now. He gave Bae Shik Joong his bank accounts and houses’ deeds (including Na Na’s house). He also asked Bae Shik Joong to take care of Na Na and his mother. Later that night Yoon Seong went […]

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City Hunter Episode 15 Summary

Lee Jin Pyo got the original document related to the raid on October 1983 while the one Cheon Jae Man burnt was just a copy, but he didn’t know it. Lee Jin Pyo called Yoon Seong to warned him about Yeong Joo because that prosecutor might have found out everything about them. Yoon Seong said […]

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City Hunter Episode 14 Summary

The incident of Kim Jeong Shik fell off the bridge changed the lives of both Yeong Joo and Yoon Seong. For Yoon Seong, he almost killed a man and the worst part was the man behind the scenerio was actually Jin Pyo. Jin Pyo used a disguise car to make it looked like Kim Jeong […]

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City Hunter Episode 13 Summary

Na Na was once again saved by Yoon Seong, thanks to his quick response on the situation. Jin Pyo didn’t shoot him. The incident left Yoon Seong a bad mood. Na Na’s request to him for not worrying about her if next time she’s in danger didn’t help his mood. But Na Na told him […]

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City Hunter Episode 12 Summary

Na Na survived. They brought Na Na to Jin Se Hee animal clinic. Se Hee said Na Na should go to human hospital since she had lost many bloods and her blood pressure was so weak. Yoon Seong told her to use his blood because he’s an O blood type. While waiting for Na Na […]

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