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“My P.S Partner” Shows Off The Intimate Stills

Ji Sung and Kim Ah Jong share their intimacy on stills of up-coming romance comedy movie “My P.S Partner”. For this R rated movie of course will be more of the hot scenes for the couple. The  couple, Yoon Jeong (Kim Ah Jong) and Hyun Seung (Ji Sung), was met because of an accidental call. […]

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New Posters from Son Ye Jin’s New Movie “The Tower” Published

Son Ye Jin back on big screen, her up-coming movie “The Tower” is ready to be released on December. “The Tower” is a heroic movie that describes people who struggle to survive on big fire accident at the peak floor of the building on Christmas eve. The charismatic posters has been revealed since last month. […]

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Go Soo Looks Dashing as Fire Fighter on “Bandage”

The stills of Go Soo as the stiff fire fighter, Kang Il, for up-coming romantic movie “Bandage” (반창꼬) or “Love 911” revealed to the public. In uniform Go Soo looks so dashing try to conquer the fire, and even though his face looks dirty his handsome face still there. “Bandage” is a romantic movie about […]

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Ji Sung Shows Off His Abs for “My P.S Partner”

For his new romantic comedy movie “My P.S Partner” that rated as adult movie , Ji Sung shows off his abs, not only one..but twice! and of course his abs doesn’t dispointed at all..his body looks perfect and HOT. When i was looking these still cuts just popped up in my head..”whoaa..Lee Bo Yeong is really […]

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“My P.S Partner” Unveiled The Seductive Poster

Ji Sung and Kim Ah Jong made naughty pose on poster for their romance-comedy movie “My P.S Partner”. This rated R movie itself will be officially released on December. The romance begin when Yoon Jeong (Kim Ah Jong) feels desperate with her boyfriend, after five years together, that man didn’t purpose her. Yoon Jeong is […]

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“Jackal Is Coming” Revealed Posters of The Main Characters

After performing in Busan International Film Festival this month, the up-coming action-comedy movie “Jackal Is Coming” ready for official released on November. As an anticipation, the posters of the main characters already revealed to the public. On those posters, the heroine Song Ji Hyo looks so splendid with the assassins pose, hold the gun and […]

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Jang Dong Gun Shows His Dangerous Charm on Marie Claire

Our perfect gentleman transforms into a bad boy on Marie Claire magazine. Jang Dong Gun becomes so dangerous and hot on this magazine as one of the anticipation for his up-coming movie “Dangerous Liaisons”. On this pictorial, Jang Dong Gun shows is dark and mysterious side. Did he put the eyeliner??? It doesn’t matter, he […]

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Song Jung Ki Turns So Blue on Bazaar for “A Werewolf Boy”

Lately, Song Jung Ki makes the buzzing due to his role on “Nice Guy”, and recently he appears on Bazaar for anticipating his up-coming movie “A Werewolf Boy” (늑대소년). The movie that he plays alongside with Park Bo Yeong already screening on The 37th Toronto International Film Festival this mid-September. Taking the setting on 1965, […]

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So Ji Sub Gets Rough for W Korea

For anticipating his new movie “A Company Man” that will be released on October 11, recentely So Ji Sub appears on W Korea magazine and shows his ruggedly charms. He posed with wounded style, as if he is the leader of gangster who’s wounded  after the gangsters war. With those poses, the messy appearance, the […]

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