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Lee Seung Gi’s Spread Adorable Smile on His Latest MV “Invitation To Me”

I just wanna share one of my pleasures for this week. I think it’s called love at the first sight. First time i saw Lee Seung Gi’s latest MV “Invitation To Me”,  I just fall in love for everything in this MV: the music, the song, the nuance, the landscapes, the simple idea, and of […]

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Standing Egg’s “A Perfect Day” for Autumn Playlist

As always, the beautiful song and the beautiful MV from “Standing Egg”. On October 26th, one of my favorite indie bands, Standing Egg, released MV for their single “A Perfect Day”. This song is part of “Forest Project”. “Forest Project” is to bring the relax and refreshing atmosphere to the citizen who live in the […]

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Standing Egg’s “Old Song” in The Egde of Summer Playlist

On September 4th, one of my favorite indie band, Standing Egg, released new single. Actually, on mid June they already released the cheery single “Keep Going” (I love the MV and lyrics!), but for this comeback, the trio are presenting quite mellow song, titled “Old Song” (오래된 노래). This song sounds little bit ballad, but […]

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Summer Playlist:: “One Summer Night” from Brown Eyed Girls

Actually i planned to put SISTAR’s “Loving U” on this article since that song is really fun to hear on this hot weather, but recently my favorite band “Brown Eyed Girls” is comeback! Yay! this summer these women released new album “Brown Eyed Girls: The Original”, and  July 17th they also released the MV from […]

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DaVichi, Once Again On Cho Young Soo’s Project

The latest was through the lovely song  “From Me To You” on 2010, now on 2012 DaVichi once again was chosen to be involved in Cho Young Soo’s album project “All Star”. For that album, on May 19th DaVichi released digital single title, “If It’s Like Tonight” (오늘같은 밤이면), as usual Lee Hae Ri and […]

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Spring Playlist: Busker Busker’s Cherry Blossom Ending

The spring came late but i hope it will not reduce its beautiful, and to accompany us enjoying this spring breeze, here is the song from Superstar K3’s runner up Busker Busker “Cherry Blossom Ending.” I love everything from this song, the music, the lyrics, and the clip, so loveable. This song tells about a […]


CN Blue’s “Hey You”

Listening to CN Blue’s new single from the latest mini album Ear Fun, “Hey You”, I somehow feel a relieve. I’m happy that these guys are back to their CN Blue’s type of song. I can’t really accept their Japanese album because for me it’s a bit too hard and a bit going out of […]

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Jo In Sung Shows “Love” Through Kim C’s MV

Jo In Sung stars on Kim C’s newest MV “Love”. “Love” is a song from Kim C’s latest album, Priority, that was released on March. Jo In Sung decided to appear in this MV because he has a special relationship with Kim C. I love this MV, just a simple clip, but so juicy for […]

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Song Hae Kyo Duet with John Park “Switch: Be White” for Laneige

Song Hae Kyo sings! Yeah, this was quite a news few weeks ago, but i’m just posting this MV now. She and John Park are both the ambassador of a cosmetic brand, Laneige. They’re singing duet and I think they make a good one. Song Hae Kyo has a soft voice. This is, after all, […]

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