Fated To Love You – Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of “Fated to Love You” started with a korean model dipping her long silky black hair into the stone water bowl in a green leafy nature surrounding. Apparently, she was shooting an advertisement for a shampoo commercial. During the shoot, the model (starred by Clara Kee Seong-Min) wasn’t too impressed with the smell of the hair product that she walked off the set, leaving the director with no choice but to cut the shoot prematurely.

Model washing hair
Reaching for shampoo
Model unimpress

After numerous attempts or perhaps it was because of the dirty looks she’s receiving from the unsettled crew, that she finally decided to get on with the job. Right at that moment, an uninvited guest, a stylish man with a certain weird charm walked into the set, took off his suit and started pouring water over his own head. As everyone watched in excitement, the man started washing his long hair with the shampoo. He absolutely enjoyed every moment that he actually ripped off his white shirt in ecstasy. The reaction from him was so great and natural that the director couldn’t resist but called it a good take.

Getting water
Pouring water on head
Washing hair
Good Take!

It wasn’t until the man’s assistant came into the set that everyone started to realize he was in fact the president of Jangin Chemical, the number 1 company in the daily supplies industry, Lee Gun (Starred by Jang Hyuk). As we moved away from this first hilarious scene, we entered a family business gathering which is really just a meeting discussing when Lee Gun, the Jeonju Lee family’s 22nd generation only grandson, is going to get married and continue on with the family bloodline. To every elderly family member’s shock, Lee Gun have announced at the meeting that his girlfriend of 6 years is finally settling back in Korean and that he promise to be married by this fall.

Family Meeting
Meeting Promise

Next, we see a lovely kind hearted lady who can never say no to anyone delivering breakfast and coffee at a law firm. Her name is Kim Mi Young (Starred by Jang Na Ra), an office assistant who describes herself as a post-it sticky note, needed by everyone, convenient but can be discarded anytime. As she continue her quest to try to keep everyone around her happy, Lee Gun is at a shopping mall searching for a proposal ring while daydreaming about her pretty girlfriend Se Ra (Starred by Wang Ji Won) who is currently on a plane heading back to Soeul. Daniel (Starred by Choi Jin Hyuk) also happen be be on the same flight and we got to see a glimpse of his handsome charm.

Daniel on plane
Se Ra on plane

Back to the famous Mecenapolis shopping mall, Lee Gun had finally bought the ring for his proposal while Kim Mi Young bought a large bag of candies. Fate decided to let them cross path for the very first time, except for the wrong cause because Mi Young had made Gun lose his ring in the busy shopping mall. Mi Young as kind as she’s always been, did not hesitate to help Gun persuit for the runaway ring which ultimately led to a dog, a rottweiler to be precise chasing them all the way to a dead end. The ring was retrieved, but we got to see a “not so nice” side of Gun blaming Mi Young for having the ring on her finger because he believed that it was bad luck for his proposal and that’s when they parted ways.

Kim Mi Young walking
Young bumps into Gun
Gun lose proposal ring
Trying to retrieve ring
Chase by dog
Keep running

However, good luck began to appear on Mi Young’s side as she won a competition at her office for a free stay at a luxury resort in Macau, the very same resort which Gun had planned to propose to his girlfriend Se Ra. At this moment, a lawyer at Mi Young’s office started approaching her with the impression of wanting to date, even though all the hints suggested that he’s not a genuine type and most likely a playboy. Regardless, his chasing techniques worked on Mi Young with her ultimately agreeing to take him on the trip to Macau.

Mi Young won competition
Lawyer Min approach Mi Young
Young agreed to take lawyer Min

President Gun headed over to Macau to prepare for his proposal plans inside the same resort that he and his girlfriend Se Ra had met for the first time. For some reason 2 freakish men appeared at the same hotel wanting to do some kind of revenge work on Gun over something that must have happened to their island, which obviously Gun has authority over. The 2 men planted some drugs into a bottle of sparkling water which eventually got lost in the pool features inside the resort.

Gun arrived at Macau
Gun prepare for proposal
Two men with drugged bottle

Meanwhile, Mi Young and Lawyer Min also arrived in Macau and the moment they checked into their room, the playboy heard Mi Young praising about the casino. As playful as he is, Lawyer couldn’t resist the temptation and immediately headed out in search for the casino while convincing Young to take some good rest. Mi Young went looking for him soon after and that’s when she overheard Gun practicing his proposal speech by a water feature.

Mi Young arrived Macau
Opening hotel door
Checking in hotel room
Young went looking for Min

She immediately hid away from Gun’s eyesight but couldn’t resist to keep listening. At this very same moment, we see the bottle of drugged sparkling water flowing slowly towards Mi Young. As Gun continued to practice his speech, he suddenly heard some kind of noise behind him and started looking around. Fearing to be spotted, Mi Young somehow grabbed the drugged bottle of water that literally flowed in front of her and hid further away from Gun. As she recover from shock, she unwittingly opened the water bottle and began drinking it.

Gun practice speech
Young heard speech
Young hide from Gun
Mi Young drank drugged water

That is how the first episode of Fated to Love You have ended…

So what will happen to her?

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  1. loved Clara Kee Seong-Mi in this drama

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