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Ji Yeon For “Dream High 2” Cast

Soon, Ji Yeon will come back on acting. Her name has been confirmed on the cast list for the most anticipated sequel drama “Dream High 2”.  Actually, she’s following Eun Jung’s step, her band mate, Eun Jung played on Dream High. She knows she’s busy promoting T-ara’s new album in Korea and also overseas, but […]

Lee Seung Gi’s New Song “Because We’re Friends” (친구잖아)

I don’t know why I giggled the first time I listened to the song. I was wondering, “Is it some kind of Seung Gi’s true feeling? That he’s actually been one-sided love with his friend all this time that makes a high qualified boy like stay single?” I don’t know…this thought just made me giggled. […]


Sung Shi Kyung’s Single “I Like” (난 좋아)

The first time this MV was released and I saw it, I straightly loved it! I know it’s been a while since the first time it was released, but I just have the chance to put it here in the web just now. Well, it’s still hot on the music charts, so it’s okay I […]

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Review for Brown Eyed Girls’s New Album

I know, i’m too late to post this article, but i don’t care. I write this because i put my respect for these women. I can’t call them as a girlband because they have different level with other girl bands. I like Kara, Girl’s Generation, T-ara, and others but you can’t compare those girl bands […]

CNBlue’s Official Japanese Single “In My Head” – Review

Early this month CNBlue’s official released the 30 seconds teaser MV for this single, “In My Head” and it worked out. CNBlue’s fans everywhere have been hardly waiting for the full song and here it is. The mood of the MV is dark and gloomy and even though honestly I don’t know Japanese, I think […]

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Davichi’s Third Mini Album Released

Yay! finally my favorite girl band is back. The duo Davichi, Lee Hae Ri and Kang Ming Kyung, come back with new mini album “Love Delight”. This album officially released on August 29th, actually these songs got leaked to the internet a few days before being released but the loyal fans still exited for this […]

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FT Island’s “Hello Hello”: Nice Composition

I’ll probably sound unfair if you compare this article to my review on 2PM’s “Hands Up”, but I think if you really listen to this song, you’ll get something stick in you mind afterward. I found this song quite bizzare with the combination of FTIsland’s-Japanese-Rock-style and some sort of 19th century puppet show/ opera song….you […]


2PM’s “Hands Up” is Not That Up

2PM just released their MV for their new single “Hands Up” just about few days ago. I wasn’t that curious because i’m not their fan, frankly speaking…but I think there’s nothing wrong to have a look at the MV and listen to the song. And here’s my opinion: I’m a bit disappointed that I cannot […]

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F(x) Released “Pinochio” MV for Comeback (first) Album

Oh it’s been a looooong time since I posted about Kpop, I’m too tired to follow news about them because lately there are too many new idol groups formed so I decided not to followed any news. But I gave an excuse for f (x) because for me they are not a new idol group […]

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