Moon Geun Yeong and Kim Bum Becomes Lovers for Real

20131101-Moon Geun Yeong_Kim Bum

Moon Geun Yeong and Kim Bum are officially a romantic item. Both sides already confirmed that the couple has been dating for a month. Moon Geun Yeong’s representative, Namoo, said “through their recent drama ‘Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi’, Moon Geun Yeong and Kim Bum developed their feeling carefully and began seeing each other as lovers”. Kim Bum’s agency, King Kong Entertainment also confirmed that news.

Meanwhile, these days the couple are enjoying the trip together in Europe. Moon Geun Yeong is two years older than Kim Bum, but that’s not problem. They look so cute together with their babyfaces. Even though in “Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi” Kim Bum’s character failed to get the woman, but in real life he’s the lucky guy.

Congratulation for the new couple!!!

20131101-Moon Geun Yeong_Kim Bum_2

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