Choi Daniel and Jang Na Ra Confirmed To Reunite on “School 2013” (2013학교)

On October 23rd, Choi Daniel confirmed to reunite with his former co-star on “Baby Faced Beauty”, Jang Na Ra. They both agree to act together again on remake of legendary teenage drama “School” to become “School 2013”.

In 90’s “School” became a hit drama, and was produced into four seasons. That drama starred by Jang Hyuk, Kim Rae Won, Ha Ji Won, Lee Dong Wook, Jo In Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Bae Doo Na, Lee Yo Won, Im Soo Jung, Gong Yoo and more of actors and actresses who are known as the top star now. “School 2013” also known as School season 5.

Based on their ages of course Choi Daniel and Jang Na Ra will take role as the teachers. Yeah even though her face is eternally young, but Jang Na Ra is already thirty something…i bet she will be the cute  as the temp teacher on this drama, she will appear little bit reckless and clumsy. Meanwhile, Choi Daniel will act as popular teacher, Kang Se Chan, you will not find him as clumsy and dorky teacher. For “School 2013” he will be appear as the perfect gentleman, Kang Se Chan becomes favorite  among students and parents  as well. I hope there will be love line between these teachers.

On student line, there will be Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Hyoyeong (5Dolls), and the gate is still open for more names to be added. “School 2013” will replace “Oh Lala Couple” and start airing on December on KBS.

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  1. I’m really happy to watch School 2013

  2. Don’t ever show your face
    on my tv you ugly women

  3. We really hate the person who wrote that comment Suzy and Taffy are weird people they must be pretty But they should not say such thing to korean actors WE LOVE TO WATCH KBS SCHOOL 2013Korean drama we love you so please comment back

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