Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won on Secret Garden’s Teaser

I love this teaser. It gives me some descriptions about Ra Im and Joo Won’s character.
As usual, Ha Ji Won as Ra Im, appear as a tough and independent girl, that’s why I love Ha Ji Won. And I know she never plays a weak or fragile character.
For Hyun Bin, when I saw him in “Secret Garden”, it reminded of “My Name In Kim Sam Soon”. His character in both dramas seemed to be not much different. He plays as a successful businessman, who was in love with an unique woman.

There’s gonna be a unique relationship between Ra Im and Joo Won. Both are always fighting, but one day their soul exchanged. That’s when the story becomes more interesting. Also it seems to be a lot of funny and silly scenes.
I like to see the duet between Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won, they have good quality acting. I never imagined they would be involved in one project, this really beyond my expectations …very nice! B)


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