Joo Won and His First Movie (특수본)

Since his debut on 2010 Joo Won has gained public’s attention through his role on”Baker King, Kim Tak Gu”, even just as a second lead man on that drama, his acting was really appreciated. I like his pseudo-antagonist role, as Goo Ma Jun, with his cold expression he managed to show a heartless figure, but i still can’t hate Ma Jun, I saw that role  just a young guy who was pursuing his happiness. He wasn’t that evil.

After Goo Ma Jun, on 2011 his comeback with second small screen project “Ojakgyo Brothers”, his role as a cool detective, an investigation detective, Hwang Tae Hee, still got the cold personality from Ma Jun, but Tae Hee looks lighter and fresh, even sometimes he looks so adorably naive facing his special feelings for Baek Ja Eun (Uee’s character). but he really suits his role.

And also this  year he’s trusted to work on movie project titled “Special Investigation Unit” (특수본) with seonbae-deul like Uhm Tae Woong, Jung Jin  Yeong, and Song Dong Il. It’s pretty heavy task for him in the first movie that he must act alongside with Uhm Tae Woong. Thank goodness, Uhm Tae Woong is really kindhearted senior, he is willing to share knowledge about acting to Joo Won, and Joo Won is very helpful to him as well.

On this movie Joo Won and Tae Woong will pair as colleagues, both act as policemen. Tae Woong act as Kim Seong Beom, the investigation detective and Joo Won plays as Kim Ho Ryong, a crime analyst. Joo Won the brain and Tae Woong the hand.

Actually the filming process quite heavy for Joo Won as physical, while filming he had fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. Even he works behind the desk and always (almost) wearing the monkey suit. In this action movie Joo Won is also  involved in some fighting scenes. Soon his work hard will be paid, the movie will be released on November 24th.

On this movie Seong Beom has to unveil a brutal mysterious murder case, even he has a sharp instinct on his job,  he still  need help from FBI’s protege, Kim Ho Ryong, a crime analyst. Maybe the atmosphere of  this movie will not be different from my favorite crime series like “CSI”, “NCIS” and “Criminal Mind”, full of criminal psychology. From this role, Joo Won learn about criminal behaviour, he realized that his role, a genius crime analyst, is really important in resolving the case.  Every movement of criminal has meaning which can reveal the personalities of criminals, so that will help the police to investigate the criminal case.

Joo Won feels lucky and very grateful since from his first movie, he got a lot of valuable experience.

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