Kang Ji Hwan’s Flattery

Actually I’ve written about this, but I’m tempted to rediscuss it after seeing this image. The picture reminds me of “Capital Scandal“. In “Capital Scandal”, Kang Ji Hwan who played as Soo Woo Wan, a playboy, always had that style. He usually put his index finger to his lips, as if telling to his interlocutor (who usually a beautiful woman) to stop talking and made them listened to his flattery while he was looking into her eyes …. ouch .. ouch … I’m melting :mrgreen: …really a pure-blooded playboy. B)

In this musical drama he also played the character of a playboy. And it turns out he’s still using that “style” … huhuhu .. i hope he returned to drama or movie soon, I miss you, oppa :cry:

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