Leading Roles on Best Love’s Poster

It’s dilemma. There were two expressions when I saw this poster. First I smiled looking at Gong Hyo Jin’s badass face and her eccentric-dressed-style (she looked like a kindergarten’s student) , and second I was drooling (as usual) when looking at my lovely ajeossi, Cha Seung Won. :mrgreen:

On “Best Love”, Cha Seung Won plays as Dok Ko Jin, a beloved actor who is forced to work together with Ae Jung (played by Gong Hyo Jin), a public enemy actress. They are forced to become a couple in a variety show.

Looking at this picture I will not mention them as a sweet couple, because there will be much conflict between these two different actors and of course there will grow up a lot of hilarious stories. They’ll probably be the most amusing couple .. which I think better than the mere best couple..right?! ;)

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