My Favorite DaVichi’s Clips

My favorite song from DaVichi is “A Sad Love Song” (슬픈 사랑 의 노래) and I also love the video clip. The lyric of this song is very deep and touching, and I think the clip ahs successfully described the meaning of this song. As in other Da Vichi’s clips, Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung, the personnels, doesn’t appear in their clip. However, their remarkable voices always make me shiver and felt gloomy whenever I see this clip.

The video clip is played by Lee Hyo Ri, also singer, acted very well here. It tells about two women hurt by love and then they meet a mysterious man who finally brought them into dangerous situations. But finally the three of them love each other…oh yeah, you need to see the next video clip from their later song, “Sad Promise”, to complete the whole story (they’re like sequels of short movie).

I hope you’ll like them too ;)

A Sad Love Song:

A Sad Promise:

[Image source; Video sources Youtube: 1, 2]

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  1. Who is the man ??

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