SeeYa’s Farewell Album Before Disbandment

This is a bad news. Finally, after five years together on SeeYa, Lee Bo Ram and Kim Yeon Ji, decided to separate. SeeYa debuted on 2006 with three members, Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Bo Ram, Kim Yeon Ji. Nam Gyu Ri decided to quit and was replaced by Lee Soo Mi, but on early 2010 Lee Soo Mi was drawn into another idol band, Co.Ed.

After several months SeeYa became a duo band, Lee Bo Ram and Kim Yeon Ji, decided to disband. Although only two members I think they are still great, it’s too bad they have to separate. As a farewell remark they will release their last album titled “Goodbye My Friend” on January 2011.
In this farewell album, ex-member, Nam Gyu Ri will participate with her best friends. Nam Gyu Ri also wants to leave sweet memories for SeeYa.

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