So Ji Sub in Soya N’Sun’s Debut Video Clip

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Soya N’Sun, a Korean vocal group that started their debut on April 23rd 2010, has taken public attention by having a famous Korean actor, So Ji Sub, as the model video clip for their first single “Smiling Good Bye”. The fans have been eagerly waiting for the comeback of So Ji Sub after his absent for quite a long time.

The group has Kim So Ya as the leading vocal and Park Shi Jin who is already well known as the rapper N’Sun. Kim So Ya herself is the niece of a famous singer Kim Jong Gook.

Pairing two famous celebrities, So Ji Sub and Park Han Byul (the girlfriend of Se7en) in their video clip is a smart strategy to rise up their popularity. Even though the concept of the 4 minutes duration video clip is very simple, it represents the song very well. So Ji Sub was acknowledged by working very professionally in this video clip despite the fact that the temperature was down to -20°C. He did very well in expressing a very deep emotional depression that it succeeded to give more meaning to the video clip.

It tells about the story of the ex-couple who passed each other on the cross road. The man who still looked deeply broken hearted could only stare at his ex-girlfriend taking the hand of another man.

The good work of both So Ji Sub and Park Han Byul lets viewers enjoy the video clip and interpreting the meaning of the song.

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