The High Cost for “The Great Seer” (대풍수) Production

There’s a fact reveals from SBS’s most anticipated drama “The Great Seer” (대풍수). Just for the re-production of this historical drama cost up to 35 billion won. What a big sum! yeah..for totality on the set, the costume, and the actors of course they always need big budget to make a sageuk drama. They already built the outdoor set plus the palace..

“The Great Seer” takes the setting on the edge of Goryeo dynasty. Ji Sung has chosen as Ji Sang, The Master. At that time Ji Sang known as the most influence person, since he’s genius and wise he’s trusted as the advisor for King Yi Seong Gye (Ji Jin Hee). Because of his thoughts the transition happened, the regime changed to become Chosun dynasty and made Yi Seong Gye as the first king of Chosun dynasty.

On this high budget drama, beside those guys, there will be Lee Yoon Ji (as Ban Ya), Kim So Yeon (Hae In), Song Chang Ui, and more. The drama that will start running on October 1oth to replace “To The Beautiful You” will go for 36 episodes.

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