Yoo Ah In Considers to Join Kim Tae Hee on “Jang Ok Jung” (장옥정)

20130105-Yoo Ah In

Our fashion king, Yoo Ah In, is ready for comeback to the small screen, and he’s potential to become the real King on his next project. His agency confirmed that the actor is still reviewing the offer from Kim Tae Hee’s up-coming sageuk drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love” (장옥정, 사랑에 살다).

“Jang Ok Jung” is modern re-interpretation of Queen Jang Hee Bin, she was one of the most powerful and ambitious women on Korean history. In other dramas or movies, Jang Hee Bin was presented as the great villain, especially for Queen In Hyun. But for this drama, Jang Hee Bin will be shown lighter, because this drama will tell about her other side, her dream and spirit as the Joseon fashion designer.

If Yoo Ah In agrees to engage on this drama, he will portray Jang Hee Bin’s spouse, King Sukjong. Actually, on the real life, this couple ended tragically. I hope even inspired by the real history, maybe this drama will bring something different here. Absolutely, we don’t want to see the main couple killing each other right???

“Jang Ok Jung” planned to start airing on March through SBS to follows “Queen of Ambition” (Yawang). Meanwhile, these days, Yoo Ah In, is still caught under his movie project “Tin Can” (깡철이) on Busan.

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