“Late Autumn” Release Poster

Although “Late Autumn” is already playing in the 15th PIFF and gaining success, this movie will not be officially released until November 25. Official poster of this movie was just released on October 21.
Seeing Hyun Bin walking alongside with Tang Wei (Chinese actress) in the cold autumn atmosphere in that poster… oh, their expression just make it obvious what to expect from the movie…

Mustache made Hyun Bin looks different, but he’s still look cool anyway. ;)

“Late Autumn” or “Manchu” is about a woman named Anna (played by Tang Wei) who was just released after 7 years in prison for killing her husband. After being released, she decided to make a trip to Seattle, where he met Hun (played by Hyun Bin) who eventually accompanied her during the journey. And then they fall in love with each other. This movie is about people who are abandoned and struggling to return to normal life.
“Late Autumn” is probably Hyun Bin’s late movie before he joined military service on late November. T_T

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