From “Late Autumn” VIP Premiere

Sorry I’m so late,
On February 11, the VIP premiere for “Late Autum” or “Manchu”was held. “Late Autumn” starring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei. On February 10, the leading roles attended the press conference. I like Hyun Bin’s hair style, and Tang Wei looked sexy in red dress.
At the premiere, Hyun Bin’s friends attended the event like, Joo Jin Mo, Choi Daniel, Ji Jin Hee, and also his buddies from “Secret Garden”, Ha Ji Won, Kim Sa Rang and the hilarious secretary Kim, Kim Seong Oh.

I’m glad to see Hyun Bin’s friends came to give him support, especially Ha Ji Won, making me miss “Secret Garden”.
But makes me wonder where was Song Hye Kyeo? I agree with Rizz, because only a few time left for you two together before Hyun Bin entered military service on March 7. Anyway, keep fighting Hyun Bin! You’ve worked hard for the past months. It could be said that 2010 was Hyun Bin’s best year.

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