49 Days’s Soundtrack part.1

I start to enjoy this drama, it’s quite interesting. And this is my favorite soundtrack from “49 Days”: I Can’t Let Go of You (잊을 만도 한데) by Seo Yeong Eun.

I thought this song suits Song Yi Kyung’s character. I was deeply touched at the scene when Yi Kyung was squatting on the side road and remembering someone who tragically left her. This song is beautiful and so sad. If you love the drama, you have to listen this song..

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2 Responses to 49 Days’s Soundtrack part.1

  1. waahhh fillm nya bagus bgai mana klau seteleah 49 days tamat trus di putar lagi soal nya di kota aku semua orang suka dengan film ini tolong ya film ini terus d putar

  2. cara download lagu 49 semua gmn ya??

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