4Men For “Bridal Mask” (Gaksital) Soundtrack Part.2

4Men (Yeong Jae, Shin Yong Jae, Kim Won Joo) finally come back to drama project, after singing for “Secret Garden” soundtrack in 2010. This time these three guys sing “I Couldn’t” (안되겠더라) for high budget drama “Bridal Mask” (Gaksital).

No doubt for their voices on this powerful song. “I Couldn’t” is not too different from “Goodbye  Day” by UlalaSession on soundtrack part.1, sounds ballad at first but in the middle until the end the music is more dynamic and powerful, but still sounds emotional.

Until episode 10, “Bridal Mask” is getting tense and complicated, actually for Kang To and Shonji. For Shonji, actually i don’t understand why he changed, from the warm person becomes quite stern. I know he was really sad when his brother died, but i think it’s   the complicated feelings inside him between avenging his brother and protecting Mok Dan.

“I Couldn’t” is the theme for the triangle love between Kang To, Mok Dan, and Shonji. Frankly, i think it is a cruel idea  to put these best friends and first loves to be tangled between unconditional love, deep friendship and unforgettable hatred. I hope there will be a nice ending for them.

And here below, lets enjoy “I Couldn’t” MV from 4Men, and “Goodbye Day” from UlalaSession


MV: 4Men-Couldn’t (안되겠더라)

MV: UlalaSession-Goodbye Day (굿바이데이)– Soundtrack part.1

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