A Millionaire’s First Love

Love story is absolutely nothing new in Korean movies. In 2006, director Kim Tae Gyoon worked on a movie called “A Millionaire’s First Love”.

Despite the fact that the theme is already so familiar for viewers, the movie which starred Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee was still interesting to watch.
The story was about an heir of a big property company that had to accomplish one condition before the grandfather officially handed him the kingdom. Kang Jae Kyung had to return to his grandfather’s village and continued school there until his graduation. Kang Jae Kyung’s life turned 180 degrees from a rich brat in big city to a regular village boy.

Out of his own will, he finally complied with his grandfather’s requirements. He never knew that his life at the village would give him the most valuable life lesson. Finding such a new thing as first love had startled him, and yet turning his life around when he had to experience the most beautiful love separation of his life.
Some scenes in this movie reminded me so much of one particular Hollywood movie. The main ingredients of this movie might also be the same as the Hollywood one, but the different presentation from the characters in this movie had manage to give viewers a different taste of a story.
The good acting of both stars was the key to success for this movie. Actress Lee Yeon Hee (played as Choi Eun Hwan, Jae Kyung’s first love) was able to present the figure of a tough girl very well. Hyun Bin, who a year earlier had success with the drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, was also able to explore Kang Jae Kyung’s deep emotion.
This movie teaches viewers about love and modesty. It’s so touching that you may need to prepared your handkerchief before watching it :)

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  1. i really love this movie actually..
    it was touching my heart when i saw hyun bin asking a help for her gilfriend..it’s sad….

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