Aeja, Goodbye Mom

Many Korean movies that raised the story about the struggle of a mother’s life, one of the most successful is the “Mother” (2009), who successfully played by Kim Hye Ja and Won Bin, this film managed to bring many awards from overseas. In addition to “Mother”, in the same year there are movies with similar theme is no less interesting is “Aeja” or better known by the title of “Goodbye Mom”.

A movie directed and written by Jeong Ki Hun this is the theme of child’s relationship with her mother but is also able to speak with a completely different way.

Aeja, which is played by Choi Kang Hee, is not a good tipycal daughter who can make her mom proud, played by Kim Yeong Ae. Even she is a resistant girl.

Her mother very disappointed with her behavior, that’s what makes this film interesting, which is an extraordinary that it can describe how two human beings who are always contrary can actually love each other.

Aeja who aspire as a writer, since teenager was always making trouble, even her mother give more attention  to her older brother. Feeling not in line with her mother and intends to set a career as a writer, she decided to move to Seoul. But at the age of 29 years she must accept the fact that her mother was gravely ill, she finally decided to return to Busan to take care of her mother and was forced aside with her ideals.

During Aeja taking care of her mother, she found out how children and their mother have a very strong bond, no matter how often they fight each other. At the beginning, Aeja considered her mother’s illness as not too severe, but then she realized that they need each other when the mother nearly died in front of her face.

One of the most memorable scenes is when Aeja caught her boyfriend cheating with her best friend, she wept, but when she remembered her mother who was waiting at the hospital, Aeja smiled again and forgot the issue, then ran to the hospital.

Great movie is not separated from the expertise of the cast, Kim Yeong Ae, who took a role in the series “My Man’s Woman”, was able to present the figure of the extraordinary mother who must take care of her two children alone after her husband died in an accident, and became a friend for her daughter who had felt wasted. And Choi Kang Hee was able to explore the Aeja character that made Aeja has a very rich personality.

The end of this movie is predictable, but still it will touch viewers’ hearts. Extraordinary friendship that exists between a daughter and her mother. Watching this movie will drive us think again how happy and grateful it is to have a mother…

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