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After School
At first I thought this girl band who made their first debute in 2009 was just the same as Girls Generation (because these girl bands have a lot of members). But after hearing some of their songs,  I think After School was quite different. Their songs are more beat and more rock …like “Bang!” and “Bastard” .
After going through some personnel reshuffle, finally now they are pretty solid. They have Ga Hee, Jung-ah, Jooyeon, Bekah, Uee, Nana, Raina, and Lizzy
Even though there is a unique variation in age among the members, it doesn’t become their obstacles to be solid, Ga Hee, their leader, 29 years old and Lizzy, the latest member, 17 years old.
At the beginning they were known as “the Pussy Cat Dolls” of Korean version. Well, I think this girl band looks almost as provocative and sexy as the Pussy Cat Dolls…in asian version. Don’t you think so? B)

Anyway, I like the idea that this girlband always put on a kind of “uniform” as their outfit on their performences ;)


After School - Ga Hee
Ga Hee (가희)
Real name: Park Ji Yeong (박지영)
Birth date: December 25, 1980
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer

After School - Jeong Ah
Jeong-ah (정아)
Real name: Kim Jung-ah (김정아)
Birth date: August 2, 1983
Position: Main Vocalist

After School - Ju Yeon
Jooyeon (주연)
Real name: Lee Joo-yeon (이주연)
Birth date: March 19, 1987
Position: Vocalist

After School - Uee
Uee (유이)
Real name: Kim Yoo-jin (김유진)
Birth date: April 9, 1988
Position: Vocalist

After School - Raina
Raina (레이나)
Real name: Oh Hye-rin (오혜린)
Birth date: May 7, 1989
Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper

After School - Bekah
Bekah (베카)
Real name: Kim Rebecca (김레베카)
Birth date: August 11, 1989
Position: Main Rapper

After School - Nana
Nana (나나)
Real name: Im Jin-ah (임진아)
Birth date: September 14, 1991
Position: Sub Vocalist

After School - Lizzy
Lizzy (리지)
Real name: Park Soo-young (박수영)
Birth date:. July 31, 1992
Position: Vocalist

Mini albums
New Schoolgirl (2009)
Neo Ddaemunae (2009)
Bang! (2010)

Promotional singles
“Ah!” (2009)
“Diva” (2009)
“Neo Ddaemunae” (2009)
“Bang!” (2010)

official site

MV: bang!

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