Again, Song Hye Kyeo on “The Most Beautiful Faces” List

Last year she gained the 8th place on “The  Most Beautiful Faces” list, and for 2011, once again, she enlisted and has better position, she’s on the 5th place.

Song Hye Kyeo is getting popular overseas and gets the spotlight this year due to her international projects, the latest is her movie alongside Tony Leung and Zang Ziyi, “The Grandmaster” that will be released on 2012. Making debut on 15 years old, now the thirty years old Song Hye Kyeo is known as The South Korean icon because  of her legendary beauty.

On the list that’s published by Independent critics since 1990, for  this year not only Song Hye Kyeo from Korea who gets this honor. CT  Candler, the man behind this list, added two Korean celebrities on 100 pretty ladies list, they are Go Ara and Jessica from SNSD. Go Ara on 12th, and Jessica on 45th. Emma Watson becomes the winner and manages to beat off the 99 other beautiful ladies by gaining the first place.

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