“Allure” Shows Up Ten of Korean Actresses with Shocking Transformation

20130722-Bae Doo Na

I bet Allure magazine for August issue will become so alluring, since for its 10th anniversary, Allure puts Ten Korean Top Actresses in one photo project, they are: Lee Mi Suk, Lee Yo Won, Bae Doo Na, Son Tae Yeong, Kim Hyo Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Som, Oh Yeon Soo, and Park Joo Mi. With the international make up artist, these women have shocking transformation.

My top two are from Lee Yo Won’s and Lee Mi Suk’s. Lee Yo Won appears with Gothic style. She looks bold and sexy with those tattoos, rings and the nail art. Meanwhile Lee Mi Suk, as i know she’s no longer young, but her sexy charm never fades. You can see it through this project, she’s totally gorgeous.

The make up artists and the hair stylists are so brilliant, these women become so different than usual, but still with glamorous looks. Bae Doo Na shows her plain expression makes her looks dreamy; Kim Hyo Jin transform into fairy; Kim Jung Eun becomes classic; Lee Som shows her mysterious aura; Oh Yeon Soo looks elegant and gorgeous for representing Frida Kahlo; while Park Joo Mi appears as Queen of Ice; Son Tae Yeong looks more colorful and shows her sophisticated image; and last but not least, the lovely Song Ji Hyo with her smoky eyes. What a nice project!

20130722-Kim Hyo Jin


20130722-Kim Jung Eun


20130722-Lee Mi Suk


20130722-Lee Som


20130722-Lee Yo Won



20130722-Oh Yeon Soo


20130722-Park Joo Mi


20130722-Son Tae Yeong


20130722-Song Ji Hyo

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