Another Male From “Secret Garden”

As we already know, Hyun Bin appeared as a cold and stiff character in
“Secret Garden” poster. He looks very mature with his suit and deep eyes,
perhaps it’s because of his role as a successful businessman.

Besides Hyun Bin, this drama also featuring Yoon Sang Hyun. Apparently, Yoon Sang Hyun will play as Oscar, a “Hallyu” singer (not much different from his real life), a romantic, warm and loving person.
Unlike Joo Won character (played by Hyun Bin), Yoon Sang Hyun is playing in “Secret Garden” as a famous idol (Frankly, I laughed at that hair, Ough .. I think that is a hair style of 90s boy band) :lol:

The three of them, Joo Won,  Ra Im (played by Ha Ji Won), and Oscar are involved in a love triangle situation. It’s a bit complicated, because the soul of Joo Won and Ra Im are exchanged ..

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