Athena Success Beats Other Dramas

December 13th  “Athena: Goddess of War” started airing on SBS. The results were very encouraging, this drama managed to beat other dramas and gained as high rating as 22.8% on the first day (according to AGB Nielsen).
Athena is a spin-off of IRIS, and it is not possible to repeat or even exceed the success of IRIS.

Athena starred by Jeong Woo Seong (as Lee Jeong-woo), Cha Seung Won (as Son Hyeok), Soo Ae (as Yoon Hye In), Kim Min Jeong (as Kim Gi Soo), Lee Ji Ah (Han Jae Hee), and Choi Si Won. This drama is no different with IRIS, still revolves around special agents, NTS.
And I think almost the leading actors in this drama are so hot, especially Cha Seung Won (Frankly, that’s why I decided watched this drama :mrgreen: )

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