Baek Ji Yeong and ALi for “Rooftop Prince” Soundtrack Part 1

“Rooftop Prince” brings two divas for their original soundtrack part.1. First  Baek Ji Yeong who sings ballad, titled “After A Long Time” (한참 지나서). This song is so beautiful since she sings “After A Long Time” with pouring emotions. No doubt for her strong voice, she is the queen of original soundtracks. Seriously, sometimes I choose to watch a drama just because of her song.

Oh yeah just for information, maybe it’s just coincident that her boyfriend Jung Seok Won plays on this drama as Woo Yeong Seol guard, so  she must be very pleased to participate in this project too.

Baek Ji Yeong: After A Long Time (한참 지나서)

Then for the second ost, they chose singer ALi. Even though she is a rookie, but her angelic unique voice makes her fit with the  song “Hurt” (상처). I love her unique voice, sounds unusual but nice to hear. Regardless her controversy while her debut time because of her song “Nayeong”, I think ALi will be the next Baek Ji Yeong or Gummy. She’s also getting more popular through singing contest show KBS “The immortal song 2”.

“Rooftop Prince” (until fourth episode) has been an addicted drama, and too cute to be missed. Really fresh and pleasing. So far, Yoochun and Han Ji Min have been doing their job really good.

ALi: Hurt (상처)

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  1. i love this drama! it’s so GOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! i love it i love it! i highly recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a great drama

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