Best Photos from “Best Love” Couple on Bazaar

Dok Ko Jin and Goo Ae Jung together again on Haper’s Bazaar for September edition. Due to their latest drama “Best Love”, Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin were chosen to become the Fifth Angel Cinema actors. Angel Cinema work together with Harper’s Bazaar to promote movies and actors from Korea to overseas. Usually, especially for movies, Angel Cinema only help low budget movie to promote.

So, to anticipate that promotion, Bazaar has been doing a photo shoot for Gong and Cha. Bazaar’s representative said that the atmosphere during the photo shoot was so warm and friendly, but Gong and Cha are able to work professionally

I like the classic concept for these photos, makes this couple more gorgeous. Gong Hyo Jin looks mysterious with that make up, graceful and prettier. And there’s no doubt for Cha Seung Won’s charisma. I think he didn’t have any flaw from any side, from whatever angle camera lens aimed at him, he always looks stunning and sexy. Oh my best ajeossi:mrgreen:

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  1. OMG… this pic !!!! my heart rate monitor is increasing immediately and my heart is starting to ‘thump-thump’…. * _ ^ (i miss them so much…)

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