“Camellia” a Busan Movie Project

“Camellia” is an omnibus movie consists of three different stories the works of three different directors from three different countries: Korea, Japan, and Thailand.Besides having three distinct stories, each story takes a different setting, “Iron Pussy” directed by Wisit Sasanatieng, a Thai director, took the setting of the past around the 1970s. “Kamome”, directed by Isao Yukisada, a Japanese director, took the present day setting. The last “Love For Sale” directed by Jang Joon-Hwan, Korean director, took the future day setting, when love can be sold. Inspite of the different settings and directors, the theme is the same: the love story in busan, about how people treat love according to their era.
Actors who was involved apart from Korea also involves actors from Japan and Thailand. Song Hye Kyo will be involved in “Love for Sale” together with Kang Dong Won, Kim Min Joon, Hong Soo Hyeon, and Seol Gyeong Gu. And actors from outside Korea are Michael Shaowanasai (Thailand) and Yuriko Yoshitaka (Japan).
The movie worths 1.5 milliar won and is currently in production phase. The purpose of this project is to stimulate the asian movie industrial and make Busan as an Asian Movie city. “Camellia” is taken as the title because it is a flower that well known as the symbol of Busan city.

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