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Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 25 Summary

I call this episode as Kim Tak Gu’s breakthrough. What a life he had…from a poor village boy then became a homeless teenager and then a regular baker,but eventually became the leader of a big company? hmmm…this episode is the clear state of the big war between Tak Gu, on behalf of his father, with […]

Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 24 Summary

Grab your handkerchief before watching this episode. This griefing moment quite energy sucking. There’re lot of tears and desperation, but for our hero, Kim Tak Gu, it’s the perfect turning point. He couldn’t stand back no more. He had to face the cruel villains and embrace his destiny as Geo Seong’s heir. Mr. Pal Bong’s […]

Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 23 Summary

It’s a very emotional episode and I’m afraid if they keep the mood this way for the next 2 or 3 episode, people are gonna get tired. But I like the little change happened to Tak Gu. He’s getting bolder and more mature in facing the reality. I think he started to realize that he […]

Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 22 Summary

Ma jun had reached his limit of “pretend to be nice” to everyone in this episode. This man really had no hope of returning to the right path… Loosing the second round on the competition, he put the blame on Choon Bae. But then Choon Bae said soon the certificate from Pal bong would be […]

Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 21 Summary

Before watching this episode I really hope it wouldn’t fail me and thankfully it didn’t. I really like the way Tak Gu stood for himself and showed the undefeated side of him againts the intimidating Majun. Director Gu also made the “war announcement” get clearer and louder. Even Mr. Palbong made a very surprising decision […]

Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 20 Summary

Sorry for being a bit late for this summary   I don’t really like this one… Yu Gyeong finally decided to go to Majun’s arms in the name of revenge. She even let Majun kissed her. I actually hated Yu Gyeong’s abrupt decision. I’m pretty optimistic she’s gonna regret it really soon, it’s just unfair […]

Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 19 Summary

I wish I could just pack episode 19-20 summaries into one…but I’ve got a lot of things to say, so I’m doing it one by one. I guess if I could give a theme for this episode, I’d call it: the unstopable anger…everybody, beside Tak Gu, seemed to be angry to the top of their […]


Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 18 Summary

I love this episode, really! Despite the terrible heartbreak for Tak Gu thanks to Majun’s evil plan, I love the way they end this episode. I have to say it’s…romantic . If you read through this summary, you’ll get what I mean.. Tak Gu was left waiting for Yu Gyong to come until midnight. He […]

Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 17 Summary

All this time, I kept saying that I don’t really like this drama. But yet, I always find myself watching it anyway. So that’s why I think maybe it’s gonna be good for me to write the summary. A little refresh on episode 16, Gu Majun had a visit from his mom and Tak Gu […]